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Nutritionist: eating too many eggs can lead to excessive protein

Tomato scrambled eggs, fragrant scrambled eggs, leeks and eggs. Scrambled eggs are not only nutritious, but also easy to make, delicious, and can not be separated from home cooking.

However, when scrambled eggs, many people often fry four or five eggs at a time.

Will this be overdose?

  ”If a family of three fry four or five eggs at a time, they will definitely eat too much,” said Fu Jinru, chairman of the Tianjin Nutrition Society.

When many people eat boiled eggs, there are “very many” in their hearts, but when they eat scrambled eggs, they will eat more without knowing it.

Children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with large amounts of exercise have more than enough protein for their daily consumption. They can eat 1-2 eggs a day.

There are also vegetarians who can eat 1-2 eggs a day.

Normal adults, the elderly, can eat 1 egg a day.

For patients with dyslipidemia or obesity, it is recommended to eat 2-4 eggs a week.

So, when scrambled eggs, do a multiplication first, and see how many people are at home. Each person needs a few eggs, and then play eggs in the pot!

  However, if only one person eats, it only seems to be “not quite like a dish”.

As suggested, in the case of scrambled eggs, add cold water or warm water to increase the volume of the eggs, and the taste is more fluffy and looks more.

In addition, adding more green peppers, tomatoes and other side dishes, not only can adjust the effect of balanced nutrition, but also can reduce the number of eggs eaten.

Do these four “words” and drive away the disease for a whole year.

Spring health is stressful!
Do these four “words” and drive away the disease for a whole year.

Spring is here, and everything begins to recover. People often say that the day is in the morning, the year is in spring, and the beginning of spring. In this season, we also need to know our physical health and do well in the Spring Festival. This can help us.Better to resist the invasion of the disease, then how can we better maintain our health in the spring?

When it comes to spring nursed back to health, “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” thinks that it should be “slowed down”, “being” and “baked”. Simply put, it is necessary to wear loose hair and wear loose clothes.

But the seemingly simple four words, the connotation is not so simple.

Dissipating the hair, relaxing the mind and talking about the hair, many people may feel inexplicable, how can such a simple action be so grand?

To better understand the “being”, we must combine the practices of ancient times.

Unlike today’s self-promotion of hair style, the ancients believed that “the body is skinned and affected by the parents”, the hair is very important, and the external representation of the human heart, the extension of the mind or the mind, is often said to be “three thousand troubles.”wire”.

In addition, in ancient times, people were born in the hour. When they were adult, they were crowned and men were crowned. On the surface, they were finishing their hair, but they were not self-disciplined.

Therefore, the spring encourages the hair, on the surface is to “relax” the hair, in fact, to let their heart free to fly.

That is to say, the spring day nursed back, the focus is to relax the mind, the hair is just a form, go out and fly, it is also possible to fly a kite.

Wearing loose clothing, relaxing and talking about the hair, we say “slow shape”, that is, to wear loose clothes, why should we emphasize this?

For a graceful posture, bodybuilding, weight loss is not uncommon.

From “the Chu Wang is a good waist, the palace is starving to death”, to today’s popular “plastic body suit”, many people will restrain themselves from the physical form for the graceful posture, but as a result, the blood flow in the human body is blocked, and it is not worth the loss.Lost.
And spring is the season when everything sprouts, the season of hair growth, the bondage binds itself, the vitality of the body, how does the anger come out?

Too tight clothing, of course, is not suitable for wearing.

But it is especially outstanding in the spring, in order to let our body always be in a comfortable and relaxed state to help the hair.

Through the introduction of the above article, we understand the way to maintain health in the spring. While paying attention to health, we also have good living habits and eating habits, and often exercise, which allows us to better avoid the disease.To be able to work and learn better.

If there are 4 symptoms in the body, it means that high blood sugar has been “invaded”, don’t drag diabetes!

Hyperglycemia itself is not a “terrible” disease, but once you can’t control your blood sugar in time, it is terrible. If blood sugar continues to rise, it will easily lead to diabetes, and even some complications will be discovered.So, don’t underestimate the small symptoms of high blood sugar, then let’s see what high blood sugar has some symptoms!

The body has these 4 symptoms, indicating that high blood sugar has “invaded”!


Dizziness Many people think that the symptoms of dizziness often occur because of low blood sugar. In fact, this is not the case. If the blood sugar is low and high, symptoms of dizziness will appear. Therefore, if you have dizziness, you should check your blood sugar.If you are dizzy for a long time, it will cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Hyperglycemia of the gums can lead to atrophy of the gums. This is a sensitive tooth, so it is often accompanied by bleeding of the teeth. Gum bleeding is also a common symptom of hyperglycemia.

Long-term appearance of this performance, regardless of whether it is likely to cause oral ulcers, so be sure to be vigilant.


The tongue is thick and greasy. Many diseases can be rubbed on the tongue. Hyperglycemia is no exception. In patients with high blood sugar, the tongue coating will usually have a thick layer, which will cause the fine villi structure to become blurred. The tongue coating is like smearing.Like a layer of paste, once this performance occurs, there is no doubt that it must be elevated in the body.


A very important manifestation of patients with itchy hyperglycemia is itchy skin. In general, people with high blood sugar may have symptoms such as itchy skin and skin discomfort.

Because the blood sugar in the body is too high, it will irritate the skin, or because the skin is chronically dehydrated for a long time, sweating is reduced, and the skin is itchy due to excessive dryness.

Want to stabilize blood sugar, diet should pay attention to: 1.

It is necessary to remember the dietary principle of “less sputum, less meat, more fruits and vegetables, and thicker and finer”.

Eat less food, eat fast and digest, easy to be obese, so eat less fluid 3 .

Avoid eating too much food at a time. It is recommended to eat seven minutes per diet.

How to prevent hyperlipidemia should be done daily to achieve these five points!

Hyperlipidemia, called hyperlipidemia, refers to elevated levels of cholesterol or triglycerides in the plasma caused by various causes.

Then, in daily life, how can we prevent high blood lipids?

Five points of daily prevention of hyperlipidemia First, limit the total energy.

The basal metabolic rate of the elderly is reduced, and the energy requirement is also lower than that of adults.

Older people with hyperlipidemia should strictly control the substitution of energy. The energy absorption per person per day should be controlled within 29 kilocalories per kilogram of body weight, and the staple food should not exceed 300 grams per day.

The food recommended by nutritionists for the elderly is steamed bread, rice, bread, tofu, soy milk, milk, lean meat, fish and various vegetables and fruits.

First, a high fiber diet.

The dietary fiber in the diet can be combined with bile acids to increase the excretion of bile salts in the feces and lower the serum cholesterol concentration.

The foods of flavored food fiber mainly include coarse grains, miscellaneous grains, dried beans, vegetables, fruits and the like.

The amount of dietary fiber per person per day is preferably 35 to 45 grams.

In addition, low fat and low blood pressure diet.

The elderly with hyperlipidemia should strictly control the intake of animal feces or plasma. The edible oil should mainly be used to overcome the vegetable oil of unsaturated fatty acids, such as soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil, etc. The eggs should not exceed one, or 2 to 3 per day.1 egg per day.

In addition, you should drink tea, quit smoking, and limit alcohol.

Experimental studies have shown that a variety of tea can reduce blood lipids and promote the role of slight metabolism, of which green tea has the best effect on lowering blood fat.

Therefore, the elderly with hyperlipidemia do not hinder drinking more tea.

Scientific research has shown that long-term smoking or full of alcohol can interfere with lipid metabolism and raise cholesterol and triglycerides.

Therefore, it is best for the elderly to quit smoking and limit alcohol.

Finally, optimize your lifestyle.

Elderly patients with hyperlipidemia should pay attention to the regularity of lifestyle.

Appropriate participation in sports activities and cultural activities, maintain a good attitude, try to avoid frequent staying up late, overworked, nervous, emotional over-excited, fear or depression and other adverse psychological and spiritual factors have a negative impact on metabolism.

China’s vegetarian history has a long history

Vegetarian food, as a healthy fashion, has been appreciated and accepted by more and more people.


hzh {display: none; }  素食者有很多原因使然。Some people are religious and some are out of habits.

Vegetarianism has something to do with the economy.

Most of the poor people in the old society wanted to eat meat because the poor had to buy meat and hunger with leeks.

Nowadays, living conditions are plentiful. Some people even use economic vegetables as the main non-staple food.

Vegetarian food is a vegetarian diet. Vegetarian food has developed into an alternative in China. Its formation and development have nothing to do with the history of vegetarians.

  There is disagreement among academics about the origin of vegetarian vegetarian dishes.

Or in relation to Buddhism, or in general terms to originate in prehistoric society.

  First of all, vegetarianism is a very vague concept.

What is vegetarian?

Vegetarian food should be relative to meat, and refers to food made entirely from plant raw materials.

In the Tang Dynasty, Yan Shigu’s “Zhu Zhengsu” was a vegetarian diet: “It is said that the food is the genus of the bait, and there is no wine.”

“Fruitless food is the main way of eating for farming people.”

In ancient times, the majority of Chinese peasants were mainly vegetable-eating, and the meat-eater was a nobleman.

But it cannot be said that the civilian population is a vegetarian.

They are not willing to be vegetarian, but are in a passive vegetarian condition.

In ancient times, there were indeed some real vegetarians. Here, you can grind the compassion of the Buddhists, and you can also pruning the indifferent ambitions of the mountain lords. Of course, you can also see the aristocrats who are full of the intestines eating the taste of the meat.interest.

  When the founder of Buddhism, Shakyamuni and his disciples, were often accustomed to eating oysters when they were walking along the door, there was no taboo in the case of vegetarians.

The original Buddhist doctrine stipulated that all kinds of meat that was specifically killed for the masses could not be eaten. Other “net meat” and “borrowing light” were allowed.

In Buddhism, the first thing to promote vegetarian food is the Chinese Liang Wudi Xiao Yan.

Before the Liu Song period, which began to be popular in the Liu and Song Dynasties, it was clearly stipulated that “not to eat all the raw meat, and to eat meat without sin”, “not to eat five Xin: garlic, onion, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, and canal”These are two strict rules.

After Buddhism in China, it played a role in promoting the development of vegetarianism, but the original vegetarian diet did not originate from Buddhism.

  Although vegetarianism has a long history, but as an advantage, it was only formed in the Tang and Song Dynasties.

  In the “Qi Min Yao Shu” of the Northern Wei Jia Siyu, some methods for making vegetarian dishes have already been mentioned.

In the Tang Dynasty, there was a pattern of vegetarian food.

In the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a market-based vegetarian diet, and there were shops specializing in vegetarian food. There are only a hundred kinds of vegetarian foods described in “Dream of the Night”.

  The Ming and Qing dynasties are the development period of vegetarian vegetarian dishes.

Especially in the Qing Dynasty, vegetarianism has formed a temple vegetarian diet, court vegetarian and folk vegetarian diets, the styles are different.

The Qing Palace Imperial Restaurant is specially designed to produce more than 200 delicious vegetarian dishes.

Temple dishes are also called Buddha dishes, release dishes, Fu cuisine, and the kitchen is called Xiangji Kitchen.

The folk vegetarian dishes are produced in the local leeks, and there are famous vegetarian restaurants all over the place, attracting many diners.

  Vegetarian dishes are mainly fresh, clear and elegant.

There are many varieties of flowers, and the craftsmanship is no less than that of amaranth.

China’s modern vegetarian dishes have grown to the Millennium and the casting techniques are extremely high.

  The vegetarian cooking techniques can be generally classified into three categories: one is “rolled goods”, which is wrapped with oily skin, and is thickened with starch, then fired, famous chicken, vegetarian sauce, plain elbow, vegetarian ham, etc.The second is “halogen goods”, made of gluten, mushrooms, mainly made of assorted mushrooms, gluten, sour and so on; third is fried, fried, savory shrimp, fragrant fish, frying boxWait.

After the craftsmanship of the vegetarian dishes, the modern art has developed to a very delicate level.  What needs to be specially mentioned is that one of the main ingredients used in various vegetarian dishes is inserted into tofu and soy products.

  Tofu vegetables have been regarded as “national cuisine” because tofu originated in China and is widely loved by Chinese people.

In the past, in the countryside, the main dish of the red and white banquet was “tofu powder and skin tube enough”.

  Tofu is widely used in cooking, and can be used as a staple food or as a substitute, as well as snacks and fillings.

The famous tofu varieties are South Tofu, North Tofu, Frozen Tofu, Oil Tofu, Fermented Milk, Stinky Tofu, Moldy Tofu; Bean Products are dried tofu, thousand sheets, tofu skin, dried fragrant, oily silk, dried, bean, and assorted.Vegetarian chicken, spicy block, smoked dry, tofu powder and so on.

The famous dishes used in the home and feast are scallions mixed with tofu, Mapo tofu (Sichuan), mirror box tofu (Jiangsu), fried bean curd (Shanghai), pot dumpling (Shandong), oyster sauce (Guangdong), tofu dumplings(Shanxi) and so on.

According to statistics, tofu and soy products are mainly thousands of foodstuffs, and some founders have also created a rich tofu feast.

  The unique style of vegetarian dishes has produced many famous vegetarian dishes.

For example, Beijing’s “Grind Liu”, the chefs from the Imperial Palace, are all vegetarian dishes, and they are unique.

Su Zhai of Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple, famous dishes include red plum shrimp, silver cabbage silk, jade crab powder, etc., all of which are made of plain ingredients and have good color and taste.

Chongqing Ciyun Temple vegetarian dishes, with Suo Tuo “荤”, all the hot dishes are cold-selling all the ingredients to cook and make a life-famous name, making a wonderful.

  At present, there are also many famous restaurants that are constantly appearing everywhere, which is driving the popularity of vegetarian food.

Blood-suppressing anti-supplement – fungus sesame tea

Efficacy: cooling blood to stop bleeding, laxative.

Suitable for blood heat, blood in the stool.

Older people can often have a life-long life.

  Ingredients: 60 grams of black fungus, 15 grams of black sesame seeds.

  Production: 1.

Heat the wok and heat it on the medium heat. Put half of the black fungus (30g) into the pot and stir fry until the color of the black fungus turns from gray to black.


Put the pot on the fire, add black sesame and stir fry, then add about 1500 grams of water. At the same time, add the raw black, stir the black fungus, boil for 30 minutes with medium heat, start the pot, filter with clean double-layer gauze, filterServe in the vessel.

  Usage: Add sugar to drink, drink 100 each time?
120 grams.

Can also be used after the scorched black fungus, sauteed black sesame seeds together with the raw fungus and evenly collected, each time with 5?
6 grams of boiling water 120 grams of tea to drink.

  Auricularia auricula (L.)


, taking the sub-entity into the medicine.

Harvested in summer and autumn, dried.

  [Sexual taste returning]Gan, Ping.

  [Indications]qi and blood, lungs, stop bleeding.

For qi deficiency and blood loss, quadriplegia, lung deficiency, cough, hemoptysis, vomiting blood, blood stasis, uterine bleeding, hypertension, constipation.


Effects on the blood system (1) Anticoagulant effect 300% fungus decoction 1ml / 100g gavage for 20d, the experimental results show that the fungus can prolong the partial thromboplastin time of white clay 12.

06s, increased plasma antithrombin III activity, with significant anticoagulant effect.

Black fungus polysaccharide 50mg / kg intravenous injection, intraperitoneal injection, intragastric administration, and even obvious anticoagulant effect; in vitro experiments, black fungus polysaccharide also has a strong anticoagulant activity.

  (2) Anti-platelet aggregation The phosphate buffer extract of black fungus significantly inhibited ADP-induced sheet aggregation in the test tube, and simultaneously decomposed into 16μmol/L ADP activated precipitate to release serotonin, an effective group of anti-platelet effect of black fungusThe points are artificial.

Platelet function decreased within 3 hours after oral administration of 70 g of black fungus, and continued for 24 h.

Auricularia mycelium extracting body (rat infusion 10g / kg or gavage 10g / kg for 15d), in vitro (25mg / ml, 50mg / ml and 100mg (mycelium) / ml) can significantly inhibit ADP inductionThe platelets aggregate.

Alcohol extract 5g / kg, 7g / kg gavage for 15d, can significantly shorten the red blood cell electrophoresis time.

The results of intraperitoneal injection test of black fungus acidic heterozygous mice showed that the bimolecule has the effects of promoting leukocyte increase, anticoagulation and lowering plasma tablets, and its active transfer polynucleotide and uronic acid content are decreased and increased, ie, biologicalThe activity depends on the solubility of the polyamide in water.

  (3) Anti-thrombosis rabbit oral fungus polysaccharide 18 .

5mg / kg, can significantly prolong the formation of thrombus and fibrin thrombosis, change the length of thrombus, reduce the wet weight and dry weight of thrombus, reduce the number of fragments, reduce the fragmentation rate and blood viscosity, significantly shorten the dissolution time and protein of guinea pigsPlasma fibrinogen content, increased plasmin activity, the results showed that the fungus has a significant antithrombotic effect.

  (4) Leukocytic effect mice were injected intraperitoneally with 2ml/b of black fungus, for 7 days, and there was better ground resistance to leukopenia caused by cyclophosphamide.


Promoting immune function Auricularia auricula polysaccharide can increase mouse spleen index, half of hemolysis value (HC50) and rosette formation rate, promote macrophage phagocytosis and lymphocyte transformation.

Auricularia mycelium 250mg / kg, continuous intraperitoneal injection of 7d mice can significantly increase the percentage of venous blood T lymphocytes; 400mg / kg, 800mg / kg subcutaneous injection, a total of 7d, so that half of the hemolysis value caused by cyclophosphamide HC50 reduced to normal.

Effects on nucleic acid and protein biosynthesis 100 μg of black fungus polypeptide has a significant effect on human lymphocyte deoxyribonucleic acid and ribonucleic acid synthesis.

Auricularia auricular polysaccharides were injected intraperitoneally with 100 mg / kg for 4 consecutive days, which had a weak promotion effect on 3H leucine incorporation into mouse serum protein.

  4.Effect of lowering blood fat and anti-atherosclerosis on fungus decoction 30g / kg, continuous application for 20d, fungus polysaccharide 28mg / kg, even for 8d, significantly reducing serum triglyceride (glycerol) triester in hyperlipidemia ratsAnd serum total cholesterol (TC) content, increase serum high-density lipoprotein plasma (HDL-C) to total cholesterol ratio, and cholesterol-lowering effect.
Auricular titanium 180mg / kg can prevent the formation of hyperplasmaemia in mice caused by high cholesterol.

While feeding cholesterol every day, add black fungus 2.
5g / only, a total of 90d, reduced rabbit plasma plasma, lipid peroxide (LPO), thromboxane A2 (TXA2) content, increased prostacyclin / thromboxane A2 (PGI2 / TXA2) ratio, reduce atherosclerosisThe role.
  5.Delay the aging effect to give rabbits black fungus 2 daily.

5g / only, a total of 90d, can reduce the atherosclerosis of rabbit oxygen free radicals, liver, heart, brain tissue lipofuscin, plasma lipid peroxide, plasma levels and reduce the role of atherosclerosis.

It is suggested that black fungus may reduce the formation of peroxidized oxide lipofuscin by lowering plasma plasma to maintain the normal metabolism of cells, indicating delayed aging.

Using chemiluminescence analysis, I studied 2 .

5% black fungus water extract 50μl, 800μl, 1000μl has a scavenging effect on H2O2 or superoxide radical (O-2) produced by enzyme system and non-enzymatic system, and there is a dose-effect relationship between scavenging ability and dosage.Black fungus water extracts formaldehyde contains antioxidant components.

Black fungus polysaccharide 100mg / kg, intraperitoneal injection for 7 days, can increase the average swimming time of mice in water by 50.

40%, can enhance the ability of mice to resist fatigue; can also significantly reduce the content of lipofuscin in mouse myocardial tissue; can significantly increase the specific activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in mouse brain and liver tissue;The activity of monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B) in the brain has obvious inhibitory effect, the inhibition intensity increases with the increase of concentration, and can increase the ability of fruit fly to fly.

Black fungus polysaccharide can significantly extend the average lifespan of fruit flies, which is an additional one.

26 times, after 40 days of oral administration of polysaccharides from Auricularia auricula, the content of lipofuscin in Drosophila was decreased.

  6.Anti-radiation and anti-inflammatory effects mice were injected intraperitoneally with auricularia auricularia 100mg / kg, which inhibited 60Co γ-ray irradiation for 7 days and increased the survival rate of mice.

56 times, intraperitoneal injection of 60mg / only, has a certain anti-inflammatory effect on the swelling of athlete’s foot caused by egg white.

  7.The anti-ulcer effect of Auricularia auricula polysaccharides can be inhibited by 70mg / kg per day for 2 days, which can significantly inhibit the formation of stress ulcer in rats. It can promote the healing of acetic acid ulcer by 135mg / kg per day for 12 days.There was no significant effect on gastric acid secretion and pepsin activity.

  8.Hypoglycemic effect of auricular polysaccharide 33mg / kg or 100mg / kg gavage, can significantly reduce blood glucose levels in mice with alloxan diabetes, after oral diol 4?
The 7h hypoglycemic effect was the most significant; and the water consumption of diabetic mice was reduced.

  9.Anti-fertility effect of black fungus polysaccharide 8.

25mg / kg mice were injected intraperitoneally, the effect of anti-implantation and anti-early pregnancy was the most obvious, and the effect of terminating the second trimester was slightly worse, but it was not effective for the transport of pregnant eggs.

  10.Anti-cancer, anti-mutation effects inhibit replication of Swiss mouse sarcoma S18042.

70%, 80% of the complications of Ehrlich ascites cancer suppression.

Black fungus polysaccharide 200mg / (kg?

d) The effect of increasing micronucleus rate in mice induced by cyclophosphamide for 10 consecutive days.

  11.Antibacterial effect The echinomycin isolated from the fungus has an antifungal effect.

  12.The LD50 of sterilized Auricularia auricular polysaccharide mice was 789.


19mg / kg.