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[How to make perilla eggplant]_ making method _ how to make

There are many ways to make eggplant in our life. We can use it to make braised eggplant, fish-flavored eggplant pot, etc. It can also be used to make perilla eggplant. For food such as perilla eggplant, we must firstPrepare eggplant and basil, then steam the eggplant first, then stir-fry the eggplant with basil, and add seasonings such as spring onion. The specific method, you can learn according to the content of the article.

Production method: 1.

Wash the eggplant, basil, shallots, garlic seeds; 2.

Cut the shallots and garlic for future use; 3.

Perilla goes to older leaf stalks; 4.

Eggplant cut into 3?
4 cm long section, put a little salt and mix well; 5.

5. After marinating for 5 minutes, add the eggplants into the rice cooker and steam them in the rice cooker (or steam them over high heat);

6. When steaming the eggplant, start preparing the juice; 7.

Heat the oil to seven or eight minutes, add garlic to sauté; 8.

Add chopped peppers, basil, shallots and some salt to stir fry; 9.

Finally, add half a bowl of cold water to the pot and boil with the spices to make the fragrance of perilla more thorough; 10.

Dip in some raw soy sauce to make the juice more delicious; 11.

After the eggplant is steamed, put it on a plate and drizzle it.

Perilla leaf effect 1. Anti-cancer perilla oil can significantly inhibit the incidence of cancer caused by chemical carcinogens, trigger tumor volume, and prolong the time of tumor appearance.

Chemical carcinogen-induced colorectal cancer rats were bred with perilla oil supplements. The results showed that perilla oil could reduce the activity of mucosal avian protease desorption enzyme and reduce the sensitivity of colon muscle to tumor promoter-colon epithelial cell phospholipid membrane.Effectively inhibits colon cancer2, anti-allergic According to tests, perilla leaves are rich in vitamin C, potassium, iron, etc., but also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which have the function of making immune function normal, have relief and allergiesEffects of allergic reactions such as dermatitis and hay fever.

The study also found that the efficacy of threshing stems is similar to that of thresh leaves, and threshing stems can also be used for the treatment of skin diseases.

3. The bacteriostatic perilla oil has obvious inhibitory power to naturally polluted molds, and its inhibitory power to molds is obviously present in nipagin acetic acid, and has the characteristics of less dosage, safety, and not affected by pH factors.

4. Alpha-linolenic acid in hypolipidemic perilla oil can significantly reduce the higher triglyceride content in the blood, and can inhibit the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol.

Animal experiments show that perilla oil has the effect of adjusting blood lipids in hyperlipidemia rats.

5. Antithrombotic experiments confirm that perilla oil can inhibit free radicals of platelets and serotonin, thereby inhibiting the occurrence of thrombosis, and has an antithrombotic effect.

Unsaturated fatty acids such as α-linolenic acid can reduce platelet AA levels and inhibit thromboxane A1 production, can reduce replacement activity, effectively control and inhibit platelet aggregation in the vessel wall, thereby reducing thrombus formation.

6, blood glucose test showed that perilla oil was 0.

35ml / kg is administered orally to rabbits, which can increase blood sugar; after the main component of oil, perillaldehyde, the blood glucose increase effect is stronger than that of perilla oil.

7. Treatment of common warts It is reported that the skin around the silt is disinfected (the protruding warts can be cut off with skin), and the washed fresh perilla leaves are rubbed against the warts and every 10-15 minutes, the dressing is wrapped and daily.
8. Although perilla leaves have good medicinal effects, we must know that some perilla leaves are also contraindicated when using perilla leaves, such as those who are cold, should not be taken, otherwise it will reduce the body’s resistance, High blood pressure friends are not suitable for consumption.

At the same time, experts reminded that the drug is three points poison, so pay attention when eating perilla leaves, it is not suitable for long-term consumption.

[Best Breast Hyperplasia]_Breast Hyperplasia_Causes_Symptoms_Treatment Methods

Speaking of hyperplasia of the breast, I believe that many female friends will not feel unfamiliar with this disease. You must know that this is a common disease of women, and there are many factors that cause the disease, in addition to the common factor of abnormal hormone secretion.If it is a long-term mental stress or repeated flow of people, it will also cause the appearance of breast hyperplasia.

For the complete cure of breast hyperplasia, it is necessary to choose a good treatment. So what is the best therapy for breast hyperplasia?


Regular inspection of the Cavaliers for early detection and timely treatment.


Persistent medication The disease is a serious endocrine disorder. The complication tissue has poor sensitivity to the drug, the mass disappears slowly, and the treatment time is long. Sometimes it takes six months to one year for the drug to take effect.


Total surgical resection 12Next

[What rice noodles are the best]

Generally speaking, qualified noodles are rich in nutritional value, easy to cook, smooth and tender, and clear in soup. They are especially suitable as staple food and hot pot ingredients.

There are many types of rice noodles, and there are different types according to different manufacturing processes and process methods, such as slightly narrow flour and cut flour, dry rice flour and wet rice flour.

The Chinese are picky about eating.

And food, we said it was not completed for three days and three nights.

Today, let’s talk about four famous rice noodles.

Have you eaten?

1. Rice noodle and tofu rice noodle is a famous snack in Kunming, Yunnan.

The main ingredients are rice flour, tofu brain and so on.

It originated from folk and gradually became a unique variety of snacks.

Spicy, slippery, and cheap. Some people call it “eating,” and love to eat.

Although the bridge noodles can be said to be one of the most distinctive snacks in Yunnan, we must try the authentic tofu rice noodles in Kunming.

Tofu rice noodles are rice noodles made with fresh homemade beans, various seasonings, side dishes, and pieces of meat.

The flavor is strong and delicious.

Although there is a small shop on the street, it is a good place to find Kunming.

Kunming people can eat rice noodles after three meals a day, and they are very satisfied.

This is a satisfying little happiness, but few foreigners have a chance to taste it.

2. Cold rice noodles First, blanch rice flour, bean sprouts, tofu skin and other materials. After being blanched and air-dried for half a minute, the bean sprouts and tofu skin are simmered to the clinker for use, and then chicken or firewood is placed in a casserole.

Then cook slowly.

5 hours until the chicken softens, which is the original bridge noodle and advanced.

Some of them can also add ham, duck and casserole, the better the soup tastes, the better it tastes.

At the same time, it’s best to ensure a thin layer of oil on the noodles.

After the chicken soup is boiled, the pan will be hot, and the soup oil will be kept in the casserole. The quail eggs, spine slices and other ingredients are placed in front of the food, then the sliced meat and rice noodles will turn white.

Sprouts, tofu skin, etc., mix well.

3, casserole rice noodles The main ingredient of casserole rice noodles is rice noodles.

Diners can add pork, shiitake mushrooms, greens and other ingredients according to personal taste.

The main technique of cooking is cooking.

Easy to make and nutritious.

Casserole rice noodles is a special flavor food made from rice noodles. It is called “casserole rice noodles” because of its casserole.

Rice noodles are easily lost during the brewing process, so they need to be paired with various vegetables such as Auricularia, bamboo shoots, meat, eggs, and garbage to increase nutrition. Appropriate seasoning can also make rice noodles delicious and tasty.

Coconut rice noodles with different styles.

In addition to tofu skin, kelp shreds, green vegetables, potato chips, shiitake mushrooms, winter mushrooms, winter melon, quail eggs, fish balls, ham sausages, etc., are common foods in the streets.

4. Crossing the bridge noodles Noodles were once a specialty snack of Yunnan Province in southern Yunnan, and are now famous throughout the country.

China has a Yunnan noodle shop.

The rice noodle bridge is made of soup, seasonings, raw pork slices, chicken breast slices, black fish slices, middle pork loin slices, navel slices and water squid slices.

Accessories include pea tips, leeks, scallions, coriander, shallots, green grass sprouts, ginger shreds, magnolia slices, short tofu skin, and the fourth is the staple food, which is rice noodles with water.

Goose oil cap, soup is hot, but not hot air.

At this time, you can pour hot rice noodles into a bowl and stir evenly.

Red, white, yellow and green seasonings and food are reflected in the bowl.The taste is delicious and the appetite is wide open.

Enjoy this delicious, crispy, soft and delicious moment.

[When do you put vinegar in fried meat]_add vinegar_when put

We usually like to add white vinegar or cooking wine when making lean or stir-fried meat, because white vinegar and cooking wine can increase the flavor of meat slices and soften the meat. For meat that cannot be stewed, white vinegar should be added. GenerallyThey are added halfway through, and we must pay attention to the amount of addition, otherwise it will affect the taste of the food and lead to the deterioration of the food.

1. Put stewed meat in vinegar, it is easy to stew the stewed meat and add some wine or vinegar.
3 tablespoons of wine or 1?
The proportion of 2 tablespoons of vinegar), these two things can soften the meat. If you encounter meat that is not easy to stew, you generally need to add some.

2. Stewed pork is delicious and cooked. Stewed pork: Salt can accelerate the solidification of protein in the meat, making the meat difficult to rot, so add salt later.

If you need to add water midway, be sure to heat the water, and the cold water will harden the meat.

It is better to keep the water boiling slightly.

At this time, the oil slick in the noodle soup is not easy to roll, and the pressure in the pot is formed, which not only maintains the temperature of the broth, but also makes the aroma in the soup less volatile and runs away. The stew is cooked quickly and the meat is soft.

Due to widening and rolling, the protein in the meat can be hardened without degrading water.

Beef stew: If it is old beef with coarse grains, it will not be easily cooked.

You can apply a layer of mustard on the meat, let it stand for 6-8 hours, rinse it with cold water, and it will be cooked.

After this treatment, not only is it easy to boil, but the meat becomes tender.

Put a little wine and vinegar when cooking (1 beef beef 2-3 tablespoons cooking wine, 1 spoon vinegar), the meat will be easier to cook.

When stewing beef, put a small handful of tea wrapped in gauze into the pot at the same time, and roast it with the meat. The beef can be stewed quickly and will not affect the taste of the beef.

Or coat the cut beef pieces with dried mustard, leave them for a few hours, wash them with cold water, and then stew them.

If you add more vinegar when you cook it, it will refresh.

Beef tenderized with ginger.

Ginger is both a condiment and tenderizes beef.

If you find that the beef is a little hard, you can cut the fresh ginger into small pieces and mash it. Then put the ginger in the gauze to squeeze out the ginger juice. Stir the ginger juice into the beef cut into shreds or slices and stir well.Make the surface of the beef slices evenly covered with ginger juice, and let it stand at room temperature for about 1 hour, then you can cook as needed.

The beef tenderized in this way is fresh and delicious, with a strong aroma and no spicy taste of ginger.

Lamb stew: Put some alkali in water.

Chicken stew: Fill the chicken with a tablespoon of soy sauce or vinegar before slaughtering the chicken.

Fish stew: Put a few pieces of red dates in the pot to remove the fishy smell and cook it well.

3. The therapeutic effect of stewed meat Stewed pork tastes sweet and salty, flat in nature, into the spleen, stomach, and kidney meridian;

Indications: fever injury, thirst, weight loss, kidney weakness, weakness, postpartum blood deficiency, dry cough, constipation, tonic deficiency, nourishing yin, moistening, nourishing liver and yin, moisturizing, relieving constipation and relieving thirst.

Pork soup can make up for the irritability, dry cough, constipation and dystocia caused by insufficient fluid.

Beef stew has the effect of nourishing kidney and replenishing essence, strengthening muscles and strengthening bones, and strengthening mental and intellectual functions.

Suitable for mental fatigue, dizziness, soft waists and knees, leftovers and amnesia, for those with impaired vision, eaten for those with reduced vision, stewed mutton to replenish the spleen and stomach, used to treat nausea caused by depletion of the spleen and stomach, weak body, chills, etc.It is used for the treatment of lumbar and knee soreness and cold pain caused by kidney yang deficiency, impotence and other symptoms; blood tonic and warm menstruation is used for abdominal cold pain caused by postpartum blood deficiency and cold.

Is an excellent warm tonic.

Stew helps to keep in good health, with reference to deep-fried, smoked and stir-fried healthier.

[Do fried eggplant put vinegar]_ frying method _ with or without vinegar

Among various vegetables, eggplant is one of our more common, and the price is relatively cheap. The key is that eggplant is rich in nutrients, has better antioxidant effect for women, and can effectively keep the skin moist.Women they are suitable to eat more.

The method of eggplant is relatively simple, but does fried eggplant put vinegar?

Eggplant can generally be braised, and it doesn’t need to be peeled and it’s not suitable for vinegar.

1. How long should the eggplant be fried? If you add a little water when frying the eggplant, it will be cooked in about five minutes.

Eggplant is susceptible to oxidation when heated, and its color will turn black, which will affect its appearance. If it is fried in hot oil before casting, and fried with other materials, it will not change color easily.

When frying eggplant, add a few drops of lemon juice to transform the eggplant meat into white.

When frying eggplant, add a little vinegar to transform the fried eggplant into black.

2. Do you want to peel the eggplant? It is best not to peel the eggplant. Its value is in the skin. The eggplant skin is rich in vitamin B. Vitamin B and vitamin C are a good partner. We absorbed too much.Vitamin C, vitamin B is required for this vitamin C metabolism.

Studies have found that eggplant skin has the strongest anticancer activity, and its efficacy even exceeds the anticancer drug interferon.

Eggplant can enhance the activity of antioxidant substances in the body, reduce free radicals, and achieve anti-aging effects.

Eggplant contains vitamin E, which has the functions of preventing bleeding and anti-aging. Eating eggplant often can not increase the cholesterol level in the blood, which has a positive significance in delaying human aging.

And eggplant contains very low content, so the elderly and excessive people may wish to eat often.

3. The nutritional value of eggplant

1. Eggplant is rich in nutrients, including protein, trace amounts, glucose, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.


2, the content of vitamin P in eggplant is very high, which contains 750 mg of vitamin P per 100 grams.

Can enhance the adhesion between human cells, enhance the elasticity of capillaries, reduce brittleness and permeability, and prevent microvascular rupture and bleeding.


3, eggplant also contains phosphorus, calcium, potassium and other trace elements and choline, trigonelline, stachyine, solanine and other alkaloids.

Especially the purple eggplant is higher in vitamins.

Can inhibit the proliferation of digestive tract tumor cells.


4. Vitamin C and soap grass compounds contained in eggplant fiber have the effect of reducing cholesterol.

Foreign scholars have proposed the “12 ways to lower cholesterol”, and eating eggplant is one of the methods.


5, B vitamins contained in eggplant also have a certain adjuvant treatment effect on dysmenorrhea, chronic gastritis and nephritis edema.

The most basic dietary advice for gastroenteritis

Summer is a period of high incidence of gastrointestinal diseases.

In the hot summer, high temperatures stimulate the growth and reproduction of bacteria, accelerating the rate of food spoilage.

Too many people, especially children, lack adequate hygienic habits, do not pay attention to drinking unclean water, eat spoiled food, cause dysfunction, cause vomiting, diarrhea and even dehydration shock, which seriously endangers health.

So, in order to protect the health of ourselves and others, what kind of dietary principles should we follow in the summer to avoid the harm of gastroenteritis?

The following requirements may be helpful to you.

Suggestions for the prevention of gastroenteritis. In the summer, the weather is hot, the body loses more water, and the stomach acid is reduced. People often have poor appetite and low appetite. They are more inclined to eat vegetables, fruits and other vegetarian dishes.The amount of meat absorbed.

Over time, human protein, iron intake is insufficient, easily lead to low immunity, the stomach is invaded by viruses.

 Second, pay attention to the growth period of summer bacteria in the shelf life, the speed of food corruption will also speed up, many foods are not put into the refrigerator in time, can not eat after a night; even put into the refrigerator, can not be saved.

Therefore, the food you buy needs to be eaten as soon as possible. If it is found to be corrupt, it should be dealt with as soon as possible.

 Third, chewing slowly, many people are used to eating and eating, always slow, and think that eating is very efficient, in fact, this is not right.

It is necessary to chew slowly when eating, which can reduce the stimulation of the gastric mucosa by rough food.

Fourth, try to eat less iced drinks in the summer to drink a cup of iced milk tea, black tea or green tea is really cool, the whole person seems to lower the temperature, but the weaker stomach is difficult to adapt to iced drinks, prone to cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on.

Fifth, pay attention to food hygiene when eating, pay attention to the health of the diet, try to choose a larger restaurant when going out to eat, the roadside stalls should eat less, because more or less not very hygienic.

It is best to do it yourself to avoid the invasion of the stomach mucosa by external microorganisms.

Sixth, before the meal, logistics hand washing to prevent gastroenteritis should pay attention to food hygiene, but also pay attention to hand hygiene, we often carry a lot of bacteria on hand, must wash hands before eating and drinking before eating, to prevent bacteria from entering the body to cause gastroenteritis.
Seven, choose light foods Do not often eat very spicy or very greasy food, you can change the taste, to light food, eat more vegetables, drink less and drink tea.

A light diet is easy to digest and absorb, and is conducive to the recovery of stomach problems.

Let’s start with a healthy diet in the summer to prevent gastroenteritis!

How can you gain weight when your body is thin?

Q: I am a male. The height of 164CM is only 53KG.

When I was a child after a serious illness, I haven’t had any meat for a long time. No matter how much I eat, it doesn’t have any effect. Now I don’t have any symptoms. I want to ask how to gain weight when I am thin, if I can increase my weight by 10Jin, I must thank you, thank you for your advice.

  Netizen: I want to lose weight but it is very difficult, but it is really bad for a man to be too thin.

How can you gain weight when your body is thin?

First of all, what I want to say is that blind binge eating is unscientific and hurts the body.

In fact, there are many examples of how you can eat and grow fat, which is related to the absorption of your stomach and genetic factors.

Therefore, I suggest that you should first take a scientific diet, you should not eat it violently, but you should eat nutritious, combine with vegetarians, pay attention to vitamin dietary fiber, etc., and introduce a lot on the specific healthy eating network. This is relatively simple, the keyIs it that you can persist for a long time.

  In fact, scientific exercise is the most important method of fattening. Even if you can’t grow to your satisfaction, at least it will make your body feel beautiful, not a bone frame, and grow muscles through corresponding exercises.The most distinctive kind of feeling of weakness.

  The most important thing is not to take medicine indiscriminately. You are not sick. Don’t take medicine yourself to hurt yourself. Even if you want to eat it, you should do it under the guidance of a doctor.

  These methods of fattening seem to be very simple, and everyone will understand, but the key is how to persevere.

Don’t think about shortcuts, eat a fat man in one breath, this is impossible.

wish you success!

Count 22 key points that are long-lived

Time flies, the years are easy to die.

Even if the beauty method is advanced, it will not resist the laws of nature.

However, the British “Daily Mail” health special issue, the latest research shows that people have 22 key points in their life, making small changes in life, can let you get rid of aging and disease.

  First, 8 years old determines female fertility.

At this time, the hormone secretion and the level of progesterone increase, and her life has an impact. Therefore, to avoid the sports of the retina, the diet must keep up.

  Second, 10-year-old women sprouted in adolescence.

40% of the bones are formed at the speed of the sprint at this time, and it is critical to replace enough calcium.

Eat more dairy products, exercise more, avoid too much.

  Third, the 17-year-old wisdom tooth development.

Oral diseases occur, use mouthwash or light salt water to irrigate, relieve inflammation and analgesia, if necessary, use paracetamol and aspirin.

  Four, 25-year-old bone development peaks.

To get enough calcium and vitamin D, in general, drink a bottle of milk or yogurt every day, and get more sun-dried vitamin D.

  Five, 28-year-old men began to lose hair.

The change in the level of lactic acid pill hormone is the initial stage of hair follicle atrophy. Please pay attention to the protein intake in breakfast. Eating more eggs and lean meat can delay the shrinkage of hair follicles.

  At the age of 30 and 30, the metabolic capacity declines and begins to gain weight.

A 200-calorie transient is consumed every day to prevent the body from going out of shape.

  The best birth age for women aged seven or 34.

At this time, fertility can make the mother and the baby more healthy, and the mother is pregnant.

Taking folic acid every day is good for maternal and child health.

  Eight, 35-year-old white hair began to appear.

This is caused by the inactivity of melanocytes in hair follicles. Taking B vitamins can delay the formation of white hair and also relieve mental stress.

  Nine, 40-year-old male fertility declines.

Regardless of whether the mother is young or not, the babies who are pregnant at this time will have increased complications.

Keeping the retina pills at a higher temperature is the key to improving sperm survival.

More intake of zinc carbonate, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E foods can improve sperm motility.

  Ten, 41 years old osteoporosis toxicity began to appear.

Strengthen your exercise and do aerobic exercise every week, such as dancing, running, etc., go four or five times.

  Eleven, 42-year-old brain enters middle age, and brain cells lose 10,000 every day.

As the ability to circulate declines, oxygen supply to the brain decreases and memory is affected.

Regular reading, playing chess, and playing instruments can help us keep our minds sharp.

  Twelve, 46 years old began to appear symptoms of presbyopia.

This is caused by a decrease in the eye’s ability to focus. Although presbyopia can’t resist, smoking cessation can avoid further problems, especially cataracts.

  Thirteen, at the age of 50, Parkinson’s disease began to appear.

Eat more vitamin E foods such as olive oil, melon seeds and almonds.

  Fourteen, 51 years old is the average age of female menopause.

Change the habit of drinking coffee, change into tea or fruit tea, and take more calcium.

  Fifteen and 59 years old are vulnerable to skin diseases.

Avoid skin exposure in the sun, and use low-cost sunscreen in winter.  Sixteen, 60 years old cataract problems are outstanding.

Eat more lentils, bean sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, kiwi, honeydew and other foods, pay attention to eye abnormalities.

  Seventeen and 63 years old are the average age of female ovarian cancer.

It is best to eat more broccoli.

The protein contained in the cruciferous vegetables has an inhibitory effect on ovarian nanotubes.

  Eighteen, 68 years old is the average age of joint replacement surgery.

Controlling weight, excessive weight will increase joint burden and cause osteoarthritis.

  Nineteen, 70 years old is the average age of British bowel cancer.

Eat more blueberries, or other high-fiber foods to prevent cancer.

  Most people in the 20th and 75th years will have high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can induce high blood pressure and stroke, and blood pressure should be checked regularly.

  Twenty-one, 76 years old is the average life expectancy of British men.

Lowering the amount of food can continue to live, and can also reduce the incidence of diseases including cancer.

  Twenty-two, 81 years old is the average life expectancy of British women.

Moderate diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat fish moderately, use olive oil, and moderately put in wine.

White-collar office how to fitness four fitness methods recommended

For office workers, there are at least five days in the office seven days a week, there is no time for fitness after work every day, and weekends are not willing to use fitness.

So what should the office workers do?

Today, the beautiful women’s network Xiaobian recommended four new ways of office fitness, so that your office is easy to exercise.

I can use my fitness as a fitness facility.

First use the hand to support the table, and the legs are straight and straight, so that the body and the tabletop form an oblique angle.

Then the arm bends the elbow to lower the body, the weight of the whole body is pressed against the length, and then the body is propped up by the force of a pair of legs and legs, and 15-20 consecutively.

In fact, this group of actions is push-ups, but the push-ups are on the ground, this is inherited.

Push the wall first to stand opposite the distance of about half a half, accurate.

The legs are forked and shoulder-width apart, then the body is tilted forward, the two arms are bent, the hands are placed on the board, and then the wall is pushed hard to restore the body to its original position.

This set of actions pushes 15-20.

This set of movements and push-ups are also very similar, and they all have the same effect.

Pay attention to the health of your arms when pushing the wall. Never hurt.

Reverse fitness breathing This fitness method can be achieved whether sitting or standing.

First inhale slowly with the nasal cavity, and at the same time contract the abdomen, lift the chest, and move the diaphragm down, making the upper and lower diameter of the chest longer.

Wait until the lungs are full of air, then slowly exhale, and when you exhale, bulge your abdomen, and when you exhale, return your abdomen to its original state.

This way, you can hold it for 7-9 seconds, practice 5-8 minutes each time, let yourself stick, you can lose weight very well!

The chest expansion exercise is very simple, and the primary school sports will teach how to expand the chest.

First, separate the legs naturally and shoulder width.

After the single upper arm straightens up and lifts the back hem, the upper body then leans over the chest and takes a deep breath, stretching the muscles of the shoulders, buttocks and waist.

This extended state is maintained for 3-5 seconds, then the upper body slowly rises up and exhales.

If the body feels very tired, you can open the seat and do several more segmentation exercises to make the body feel relaxed.

The old man just wearing a denture does not contain something

Dentures, also known as teeth, are placed on or after the teeth, and are usually made of porcelain or plastic.

  The human body has an instinctive resistance to something that is not its own.

For example, if the denture is just “imported”, the old man will feel uncomfortable, and his mouth will still have a mouthful of water.

  This is mainly because there is a sudden increase in a foreign body in the mouth, which is mistaken for the food in the mouth, so it will produce saliva in a reflexive manner and help to digest it. This situation will continue until the oral cavity adapts to the existence of the denture.until.

In the first few weeks, the mouth often contains lump sugar or other things that can help the mouth adapt to the presence of dentures as quickly as possible.

If the elderly have chronic diseases and cannot take too much sugar (such as diabetes), it contains a small date, which causes the mouth to often produce swallowing action, and can also eliminate excessive saliva in the mouth and reduce discomfort.

  As the third pair of teeth of human beings, the combination of dentures and human beings must have a process of mutual adaptation.

Those who just wear dentures can insist on wearing more or gradually increasing the wearing time. Generally, after 1-2 weeks, they can not gradually reduce or disappear.