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[How to make cakes with electric pan]_Cakes, rice cookers_How to make

If you want to make cakes at home without an oven, you can use a rice cooker, because our rice cookers also have an oven function, but you must control the temperature and moisture. When you use a rice cooker to make cakes, you canAdd the prepared cake liquid directly to the rice cooker and plug in the electricity, but there are some precautions when adjusting the cake liquid, so how do the rice cooker make the cake delicious?

Ingredients: 100g of flour, 6 eggs, 1 box of milk, moderate amount of oil, moderate amount of sugar, and appropriate amount of apples. Procedure: 1) Prepare eggs and separate egg whites.


Sugar, flour 2) Put a little sugar in the egg yolk.

Stir well 3) Put the milk in the egg yolk and stir well 4) Pour the right amount of flour in the egg yolk bowl and stir to make a thicker batter 5) Stir the batter 6) Put the egg essence in the sugar and stir it around 7) The stirred egg whites are creamy.

Use chopsticks for about 15 minutes. 8) Pour the stirred egg whites into the egg yolk twice.

, Stir well 9) Stir well batter 10) Cut up the apples, pour into the batter, stir well 11) Grease the rice cooker.

Avoid cakes sticking to the pan.

Pour the batter into the pot.

Shake a few times.

Shake bubbles.

12) Press the rice cooking button, wait for 20 minutes to jump to the thermal insulation, and then press the rice cooking button.

Wait until the jump to the warm button for twenty minutes.

Cranberry Rice Cooker Cake Ingredients: 150g flour, moderate sugar, 1 box of milk, moderate olive oil, 3 eggs Method: 1) Separate the eggs (make sure there is absolutely no egg yolk, water or oil in the egg white) 2) Take the egg yolkFor the part, add milk, white sugar and olive oil separately (the amount of white sugar and olive oil is not specifically measured, about one spoonful of white sugar and 3 spoonfuls of oil, you can add 3 according to personal preference), add 150 grams of flour (use a sieve to pass the powder below.Make the flour finer) 4) Stir the yolk liquid (if it feels dense, you can add some milk appropriately to ensure that the final yolk liquid is in a flowing liquid state) 5) After the yolk part is prepared, put it aside, and thenThe most important part of the protein, my secret weapon is the eggbeater. 6) Beat the protein to a fish bubble at a low speed by adding a spoonful of sugar. 7) Continue to beat the protein at a low speed into a fine foam. Then add a spoonful of white sugar.8) Continue to send the protein until the grain appears. Add a spoonful of white sugar. 10) Then add the protein to the egg yolk three times.下It ca n’t be cut in circles (on the online tutorials, it ‘s been said that it ca n’t be turned in circles and said it will turn the bubbles away 11) Preheat the rice cooker for 5 minutes and add a small amount of butter 12) Pour the stirred ingredients into the rice cooker and gently buckle twice,It is to prevent air bubbles.

13) Then sprinkle some cranberries on the surface. 14) Turn on the rice cooker. Press the vents with a damp rag. 15) Wait for 15 minutes after it automatically jumps to the insulation. My dear cake is ready for cooking.Ingredients for pancakes: 300g low-gluten flour, 4 eggs, 1 pack of milk, 3 tablespoons of sugarI added 3 tablespoons of white sugar, stir the sugar and egg yolk evenly 2) Add a bag of milk, stir again 3) Slowly add flour to the egg yolk liquid, add less at a time, add in multiples to avoid adding more flourIt wo n’t work out.

It can be mixed until a denser liquid mixture is added. 4) Add a little sugar to the egg white and beat it with an eggbeater until the eggbeater can stand upright on the protein. 5) Put half of the beaten protein in the egg yolk liquid, and turn it around.Mix well and mix evenly, be careful not to stir, so that the protein defoaming will not cause the cake to rise.

6) Pour the evenly mixed liquid into the other half of the beaten protein, and still mix by turning left and right. 7) Put a little oil on the inner pot of the rice cooker, and pour it into the rice cooker.Shock the inner pot slightly twice to break the air bubbles that may exist in the liquid, and then press the rice cooking button.

After the key jumps to heat preservation, hold it for 20 minutes, and then press the rice cooking button. After the key jumps again, hold it for 10 minutes, and the cake is ready.

[How to make three-colored balls]_Home-made methods of three-colored balls_Three-colored balls

For everyone, I want a stable job, a good income, and finally a happy family, and this life is perfect.

But at the same time, you need a healthy body to enjoy.

For your health, please cook at home often.

If you don’t, then please ask the editor to learn to make three-colored balls together.


Purple yam steamed and broken 4.

Chicken with greens and greens, and purple with yam and starch (or glutinous rice flour).

Add water to the pot and cook until slightly boiled, and simmer three-colored chicken velvet into balls 6.

Put the oil in the pot, add the meatballs, add broth, salt, cooking wine, chicken essence, burn until taste, stir with water starch, and pour chicken oil on a plate 7.

You can also make three-colored meatball soup, which is also delicious. Although the detailed steps of three-colored meatballs have been introduced, you can innovate and change them by your own understanding.

Believe that your innovation and change will definitely make this dish more perfect.

[Tuduqing when the tendon is high]_Effect_Efficacy

People should pay more attention to their physical health in normal times. Once they get regular physical examinations, they can better understand their health. During the physical examination, some people may find out how high the body is.It is too normal. If this value is too high, it is very likely that there is a certain problem in renal function. It must be treated with drugs. Is it useful to take uremic clear when creatinine is high?

A sulfonate ratio higher than normal is called high creatinine. Creatinine includes blood creatinine and urine creatinine, but blood creatinine is easier to replace renal function.

High muscle plasma means that kidney function is a problem, and Uduqing Granules is a medicine for kidney disease.

Whether or not eating uremic clear granules can cure the high muscle implant depends on the organic or functional damage of the kidney.

If there is no organic injury, it is only functional, and once the cause is eliminated, it can be cured with medication.

Niaoduqing granules are made of Astragalus, Codonopsis, spleen and nourishing qi, making Polygonum multiflorum tonifying kidney and refining, and playing the function of strengthening spleen and nourishing kidney; using rhubarb to remove turbidity, so that the evil of dampness and turbidity emerges from the stool, and Baizhu Jianpi dehumidifies., Poria, Psyllium diuretic dehumidification, ginger pinellia dryness and moderate, Jiangqiu relieving vomiting, a total of Tongtong Jiangzhuo.

Chuanxiong, Danshen and other blood circulation.

Looking at the whole formula, it has the functions of strengthening the spleen and dampness, reducing turbidity, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

The formula is reasonable and well-matched. It is based on the kidney-qi deficiency based on chronic renal failure and the pathogenesis of dampness, stasis and blood congestion, so the clinical cure is good.

The main functions of Niaoduqing granules are to reduce turbidity, tonify spleen and dampness, and to promote blood circulation and stasis.

In clinical practice, Niaoduqing granules are mainly used for chronic renal failure, azotemia and early uremia. TCM syndrome differentiation belongs to those with spleen deficiency and dampness and spleen deficiency and blood stasis.

Niaoduqing granules can reduce creatinine, urea nitrogen, stabilize renal function, and delay the time of diabetes; in addition, Niaoduqing granules can also improve renal anemia, increase blood calcium, and lower blood phosphorus.

[How to eat oat bran]_ making method _ Daquan

Oatmeal is mainly extracted from a plant called oats, but in the process of extracting oats, another substance is often produced, which is oat bran.

In fact, the nutritional value of oat bran is also very high, even higher than the oat itself, so everyone can eat some oat bran appropriately, but it is not suitable to eat too much oat bran or it will increaseGastrointestinal burden, here are some of the ways to eat oat bran.

Edible method 1.

Use boiling water to drink, you can mix with a small amount of milk, milk powder, soy milk or honey to taste better; 2.

Add when cooking porridge, (add cold or warm water, stir well); 3.

Add in flour when making pasta, or sprinkle on the surface of bread and bread.

The average daily intake is preferably 30-60g.

Oat bran is a kind of pure natural health functional food that is not well known. It is an effective method to gradually supplement fiber and insoluble cellulose. It is more natural and healthier than processed cellulose tablets, and it is cheaper.It can be regarded as a healthy, nutritious and money-saving nutrient component of pure natural ingredients. Over 95% of the accumulated fiber in oats is distributed in oat bran after endosperm is removed.


Preliminary synthetic fibers: Only oats and barley in natural cereals contain predetermined supplemental fibers, especially oat implant fiber β-glucan.

The initial plasma fiber (soluble plasma fiber) can absorb a large amount of plasma in the body and excrete it, thereby reducing the cholesterol content in the blood.

More than 1,000 papers in the world have reported that β-glucan regulates blood sugar, blood lipids, softens blood vessels, prevents hypertension, strengthens the body’s immunity, prevents cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, resists skin allergies, and controls weight and other functions.

β-glucan is mainly concentrated in the germ cell wall and sub-aldehyde layer, connected by β- (1-3), (1-4) glycosidic bonds, forming a tough, complex and relatively sensitive cell wall, which supports and protects organisms.Skeletal action of somatic cells and intracellular biologically active substances.

This proves that the bran layer is where the nutrients really gather!


Insoluble dietary fiber: Oat bran also contains a lot of unsuitable fiber supplements. Non-soluble fiber helps digestion and can prevent the occurrence of constipation in children.

Like a brush, brush off the dirt on the intestinal wall and excrete the stool.

Soluble impurity fibers are like sponges, which absorb the waste in the body and regenerate with the body. It is not suitable to replace the fibers like a brush, brush off the dirt on the intestinal wall, and replace it with stool.

Therefore, it has a good conditioning effect on constipation or when the stool is not formed.

More importantly, it can help the body detoxify and keep the entire body clean and refreshed. It also has an auxiliary conditioning effect on skin and blood circulation problems.


Oat Firming Protein: Oat Firming Protein is a unique component of oat bran. It has an immediate tightening effect, can make the skin instantly tighten, can moisturize, and has a synergistic effect on film formation and smoothness. It also hasAnti-aging effect.

The molecular weight distribution of oat firming protein was measured by HPLC, and the results showed that the oat firming protein was composed of a protein having a molecular weight of 5,000 or more.

The molecular weight of most of these proteins conforms to the molecular weight range of albumin, indicating that oat firming protein is composed of oat protein called recombinant and partially recombinant.

[One trick to see if she is pretending to orgasm]

A recent study points out that pretending to orgasm is almost easily detectable by partners and will affect couple trust and gender development.

Researchers at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada conducted a follow-up study of 84 couples who have been married for more than 20 years.

These couples received a questionnaire on sexual life and found that they are very good at judging the sexual satisfaction of the other half, and that there is little difference between men and women in this regard.

One of the researchers in the study, Dr. Irene Fallis, a doctoral student at the University of Waterloo, said that if one party pretends to be orgasm, the other party can easily feel it through action expressions or even inadvertent breathing sounds.The rate will be a coefficient.

On the contrary, if the climax is not reached, the communication with the lover afterwards will be improved, and the chance of gradually achieving the climax will be greatly increased.

“This connection is wonderful. The liar always feels good to pretend, but the other half knows when it is true and when it is pretended.

“Falice said research has shown that partners have good instincts in judging each other’s sexual satisfaction, and targeting sexual life allows partners to better understand each other’s sexual needs.

It can be said that if a couple does not prevent sex and is comfortable and comfortable, it means that they have a healthy and happy sex life.

[The best way to contraception]_ contraception _ how to do _ how to avoid _ contraceptive methods



As we get older, we all have normal physiological needs.

Many young men have sexual needs, so certain contraceptive measures need to be taken during normal sexual behavior.

There are various methods of self-confidence. At different ages and different periods, we must choose the best method of self-confidence according to our physical condition. Then let us take a look.

Advantages of condoms1.

Moderate price and easy to use; 2.

Can achieve a certain role in preventing sexually transmitted diseases; 3.

Can reduce male sensitivity and delay ejaculation; 4.

Can avoid foreskin contact with the cervix, reduce the incidence of cervical cancer.

Disadvantages of condoms1.

Most traditional condoms use silicone oil lubricants. This lubricant is alkaline and does not match the weakly acidic environment of the woman’s vagina. At the same time, the silicone oil component is very strong and easy to be on the vaginal wall. Long-term use will endanger female reproductive health, Cause gynecological diseases; 2.

Traditional condoms are mainly made of rubber. This material has a natural gap of 5000-70,000 nanometers, so it cannot effectively block a variety of viruses.


Contraceptives Contraceptives (contraceptives) generally refer to oral contraceptives. There are oral contraceptives for women and oral contraceptives for men.

Its contraceptive principle is mainly through inhibiting ovulation and changing cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to penetrate, or reducing the production of liver sugar by the uterine glands, making it difficult for blastocysts to survive, or changing the way the uterus and fallopian tubes move, preventing fertilizationTransport of eggs.

A drug that prevents the combination of sperm and eggs to form a fertilized egg to achieve contraceptive purposes.

Pay attention to question 1. You must develop the correct contraceptives when taking all kinds of contraceptives. Do not change or prolong the taking time at will.

Do not miss the dose, take it late. If you miss the dose, you should take it the next day. Otherwise, it may cause irregular bleeding or failure of contraception.

2. Contraceptives should be properly stored to avoid children taking them by mistake.

If there is moisture, dissolution or abrasion of the sugar coating, do not take it when crushed, so as not to affect the contraceptive effect or cause vaginal bleeding.

3. Long-term contraceptives should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

The duration of medication is usually 6-7 years for short-acting drugs and 3–4 years for long-acting drugs.

Visiting birth control pills no more than twice a year.

Can be used interchangeably with other contraceptives.

4. Patients suffering from acute, chronic hepatitis, nephritis, tumor, diabetes, thrombotic disease, hypertension, severe hypertension, are not allowed to take it.

5, within six months after giving birth, breastfeeding or women over 45 years of age should not take it.

6. The pregnancy should be terminated during conception.

It is required that the drug should be discontinued and re-pregnant after six months of childbirth to prevent new born abnormal births.



The above is the introduction of the best method of contraception.

There are many self-confidence measures that will also have a great impact on our bodies, in order to avoid affecting our own health.

It is important to choose a scientific and reasonable method of contraception.

In this way, you can create a favorable condition for yourself and reduce more harm to your future marriage.

[Can the Ming staff use it for babies]_Children_Function

The Ming staff try not to use it for the baby. The Ming staff is widely used as a chemical in the market. The first place where the baby can use the Ming staff is the talcum powder. The second is the fried dough sticks that use the Ming staff’s swelling food.

Use talcum powder as little as possible. Do not let your baby accidentally eat it while wiping the talcum powder. Do not allow your baby to eat more with swelling food such as churros, which will harm your baby’s health.

Can you replace the talcum powder with bright staff? The talcum powder can reduce inflammation, itching, and sterilization. It is often applied to the baby’s skin shrinking part to prevent the baby from redness or even damage because the skin wrinkle is not breathable. Apply talcum powderAfter one or two days, it can quickly restore the original appearance of the skin, which is one of the essential items for babies.

Ming employees were mostly used as leavening agents for fried foods. For example, food additives such as fritters, vermicelli, rice noodles, etc., or water purifying agents were often used. According to Chinese medicine, Ming talents have detoxifying and sterilizing effects, clearing heat and phlegm.The scientific research of aluminum potassium potassium sulfate in recent years proves that because it contains aluminum, it can cause osteoporosis, nerve cell dysplasia, and cause diseases such as anemia. Therefore, alum has not been appointed as a food additive.It ‘s mostly from industrial water purification; clear people ‘s poison is mainly manifested by clear brains that can kill brain cells and cause people to have symptoms such as brain atrophy and dementia in advance, affecting people ‘s intelligence and having little impact on life.

Babies are born with delicate skin and only adult skin thickness, so it is very appropriate to replace the talcum powder with bright staff.

However, the talcum powder in the talcum powder is a carcinogen, especially bad for female babies, so talcum powder containing talc is not recommended. Now some baby care brands have produced talcum powder as raw material.This talcum powder is the safest.

What is the harm of talcum powder? The talcum powder itself is a chemical substance, which also contains magnesium oxide and other substances. If it is accidentally absorbed into the baby’s body, it will reduce the baby’s resistance and cause respiratory diseases.

In addition, because the talcum powder has the function of absorbing water, if the baby’s skin sweats or the water drops are not wiped off after bathing, the talcum powder will form particles. The baby’s skin is relatively delicate, and the particles will scratch the baby’s skin and form ulcers.

The powder of talcum powder is relatively small and easily enters the baby’s nose or mouth, which can easily cause the baby’s hypertension, cough and other diseases.

Most of the talcum powder contains talc.

The upper part of the talcum powder contains lead. Lead is not easily excreted into the human body and is broken down. The long-term accumulated lead content will exceed the standard, resulting in infants’ mental retardation, ADHD, physical development failure, etc.Keep this in mind when choosing talcum powder.

When choosing talcum powder, the first thing to pay attention to is to select the talc powder ingredients marked above so that you can buy with confidence, and then there is the purchase of big brand products.

There are all kinds of harm to talcum powder. Many mothers have already dared to buy talcum powder. In fact, such worry is not necessary. As long as it is properly selected, it can still be used safely.

If you are really not assured, your mother can substitute corn powder with talcum powder. This talcum powder is natural and will not have any substitute for your baby.

[Can maternity eat dragon fruit]_Pitaya_postpartum_Can you eat it?

Women have to feed their babies after giving birth, so for the health of mothers and babies, they will take special care in their diet. Here, the young mothers are explicitly told that because dragon fruit is a cold food, they can eat a little during breastfeeding.Can’t eat too much.

First, can a mother eat dragon fruit?

Mothers in the puerperium period can eat dragon fruit, but because the dragon fruit is cold, if the mother still needs breastfeeding, eat less cold and intestinal fruits, preferably cooked or steamed.It is recommended to eat raw.

Among the fruits, dragon fruit is called the king of fruits. The iron content is higher than that of ordinary fruits, and it also contains vitamin E and anthocyanins.

It has anti-oxidant, anti-free radical, anti-aging effects, and can also improve the prevention of brain cell degeneration and inhibit dementia. As for the albumin in dragon fruit, it is a sticky, colloidal weight loss substance, which has a beneficial effect on the stomach wall.There is also protection.

Although pitaya has high nutritional value and has many effects, maternal pitaya should be consumed in moderation. It is recommended to eat at most one per day.

In addition, dragon fruit can effectively relieve constipation.

Second, what are the benefits of maternal eating dragon fruit? Dragon fruit has a beautiful color, rich nutrition, and has the characteristics of low feces, high fiber, and low metabolism. It has significant therapeutic and health effects.

In addition to eating pitaya, mothers can help to relieve constipation, but also make them beautiful.

1. Dragon Fruit can prevent constipation.

Postpartum constipation is a common phenomenon. Eating more fruits and vegetables is a good way to prevent constipation. The little sunspots in dragon fruit can promote bowel movements, thereby stimulating defecation and reducing the frequency of constipation.

2, dragon fruit can be beauty.

Dragon fruit contains a lot of vitamin C. During pregnancy, women’s skin is more or less discounted because of pregnancy factors, so eating more dragon fruit after delivery can improve the skin and beauty.

3. Dragon fruit can stimulate appetite.

Vitamin B2 can promote and improve appetite.

4. The content of vitamin C in dragon fruit is very high, so it can promote the healing of bruises and cuts, and can strengthen the ability of the immune system, which is beneficial to the recovery of maternal wounds by caesarean section.

Third, the taboos of the mother to eat dragon fruit When eating dragon fruit, the mother should not eat too cold, can not eat freshly taken out of the refrigerator, can not eat too much.

After eating, pay attention to clean your mouth and protect your teeth.

1. Don’t be too cold to eat cold food during confinement, so it’s best to eat fruits at room temperature, and don’t eat too cold, such as fresh fruits from the refrigerator should be left at room temperature for a while before eating.

You can also warm up with hot water before eating.

2. Don’t overdo it. Dragon fruits are cool fruits. Eat in moderation and don’t overdo it.

3, pay attention to cleaning when eating fruit should pay attention to cleaning, should be washed or peeled before eating to avoid diarrhea.

Rinse your mouth after eating fruit to prevent tooth decay.

[What are the causes of sexual dysfunction]_ sexual dysfunction _ how to cause _ how to induce _ inducement

With the advent of the modern social and economic crisis, more and more male friends are working hard for the livelihood of the family.

They often leave early and return late, and staying up late to work overtime is also a very common thing, which will make their bodies appear sub-healthy over time.

This will also cause some symptoms of sexual dysfunction, so what are the causes of sexual dysfunction?

The next time I invite my friends to study with me.

(1) Incorrect sexual attitudes Sexual anxiety due to fear of failure in sexual life may be the most common cause of impotence, and improper requirements for sexual abilities or excessively demanding sexual dysfunction treatment equipment for the other party to have sex also lead toThe basic cause of sexual dysfunction.

In addition, another important cause of sexual dysfunction is the superposition of “bystanders”, that is, during sexual intercourse, someone is worried and compulsively elicits the other’s response, thereby dispersing energy and hindering the establishment of moderate sexual response and sexuality.Arrival of the climax.

(2) The impact of past sexual experience If a person is strictly controlled, punished, rudely coped with or injured in the past sexual related experience, it will leave psychological trauma that is difficult to eliminate, and it is easy to form conditioned reflexes.

Once such a person faces a sexual scene again, they will unconsciously recall the past sexual trauma, and impotence, lack of orgasm, and other sexual dysfunction.

(3) Interpersonal tension This mainly refers to interpersonal conflicts between sexual partners, such as suspicion, jealousy, and mistrust.

Obviously, there is a strong disappointment. Hostility can cause the same reaction, which is harmful to sexual desire.

For example, women are very sensitive to being exploited. They think that the other party just knows her physical body and ignores them. Sexual intercourse is the use of her, conquering and reducing the low, but cannot react sexually, and even cause loss of interest in sexual life.And feel disgusted.

(4) Various external factors can also affect sexual function, fast-paced modern life, changing work or housework, disharmony in interpersonal relationships, competition and frustration at work, personal education level and societyLocally, it will cause people a psychological pressure.

The strength of sexual desire and sexual ability is affected by psychological factors.

The above paragraphs provide us with a good introduction to some of the causes of sexual dysfunction. I believe that after reading the above content, friends will have more understanding and cognition.

Of course, I also hope that everyone can truly realize that once sexual dysfunction occurs, the relationship between husband and wife will be greatly damaged, which will make the whole family more unharmonious.

[Purity of sugarcane juice]_action_effect

Sugarcane juice is a kind of drink that many people like to drink, especially in summer, you can drink this drink to relieve the heat, so that you can avoid heat stroke, but many are in the state of weight lossPeople are afraid of the impact of sugarcane juice conversion on their own weight loss after correction. In fact, the conversion contained in sugarcane juice is not as high as expected, and it will not increase fat.

Efficacy Indications Sugarcane is sweet, astringent, flat and non-toxic.

Indications of lowering qi and neutrality, helping the spleen, relieving the large intestine, eliminating phlegm and quenching thirst, in addition to irritating the heart and chest, relieving alcohol poisoning; can cure vomiting, nausea, and broad chest.

Sugar cane is eaten with wine to produce sputum; eating too much can cause fever and cause nosebleeds.

Burning ash is persistent. At the end of the study, children with scalp baldness and baldness can be cured more frequently.

Be careful not to burn the smoke into the eyes, otherwise it can cause people’s vision to decrease.

Treatment of nausea: use seven liters of sugarcane juice, one liter of ginger juice, and mix well.

Treatment of oral ulcers in children: burn sugar cane skin, rub the affected area.

The therapeutic effect of sugarcane is sweetness, coldness, returning to the lungs, and stomach meridian; it has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, replenishing and quenching thirst, relieving stomach and vomiting, nourishing yin and moisturizing; treating dry mouth, lack of fluid, unfavorable urination, dry stool, Indigestion, nausea, hiccups, high fever and thirst.

Suitable for the general population, spleen and stomach deficiency, stomach and abdominal cold pain should not be eaten.

Sugarcane is a delicious food that can be cleaned, moisturized, and nourished with sweetness. It has been widely praised by people from ancient times to the present. Even the elegant and elegant scholars and writers have a special liking.

The median of Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei in “Cherry Poetry”: “Don’t worry about the heat inside the diet, and the chief officer also has cane pulp cold.

“Li Shizhen, a great medical scientist, has no other opinion on sugar cane. He said,” every sugarcane pulp has a good solid taste, but it will never taste like chewing. “It expresses the subtlety of sugar cane.

[5] 黄金搭档甘蔗+白萝卜+百合:一同榨汁,常饮对气管炎、肺结核有辅助治疗作用.
Sugarcane + beef: Sugarcane beef balls made from sugarcane juice and beef, sweet but not greasy, tender and fragrant, and rich in protein, trace, calcium, phosphorus, iron, niacin and vitamin E and other nutrients。Sugar cane + yam: For those who have cough and sputum, you can grind yam into mud and take half a bowl, squeeze sugar cane and take half a bowl. At the same time, mix and mix well, eat after steaming in water.

Matching the wrong area sugar cane-fish bamboo shoots: “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Same sugar cane and fish bamboo shoots are not beneficial to others.

“The specific pharmacology is unknown.

Sugarcane-Liquor: Although sugarcane has a hangover function, it cannot be eaten with liquor, and it is easy to produce sputum with the same food.

Sugarcane Juice-Wine: If sugarcane is eaten with wine, it will reduce the body’s absorption of copper.