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[How to deep-fried river prawns is delicious]_ making method _ home practice

There are many ways to make prawns. We can directly use prawns for steaming and deep-frying. These methods are selected according to our tastes.Multiple practices.

When deep-frying prawns, we can mix the prawns with flour. The fried prawns are crispy, but we need to clean up the prawns before they can be used for deep-frying.

Ingredients for fried prawns: 300 g fried prawns, 1 onion, appropriate amount of ginger, appropriate amount of sugar, appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of cooking wine, appropriate amount of pepper, flour, and vegetable oilDrain, peel the onion and wash it; 2. Cut the onion into thick wires and stir well with an appropriate amount of flour; 3, heat the oil for 7 minutes, lower the onion and fry it;Sprinkle some salt and pepper; 5, stir the prawns with cooking wine, salt, ginger and stir for 10 minutes to taste, then mix with the right amount of flour; 6, heat the oil in the pan for 7 minutes, put down the fried prawns and fry over medium heat; 7,When the shell of the shrimp becomes red and hard, remove the oil control; 8. Place the shrimp on the onion, sprinkle with pepper and green onion.

Cooking tips: 1. Onions can also be cut into shreds and eaten raw without frying.

2, you can also use potato shreds, fried well to make the bottom.

What are the effects of fried shrimp?

Deep-fried river prawns can strengthen the body’s immunity, can alleviate neurasthenia, can help males to become aphrodisiac, etc.

Let ‘s take a look at it specifically: 1. Fried prawns can enhance human immunity: fried prawns have extremely high nutritional value, can enhance the human body’s immunity and sexual function, tonify the kidney and impotence, resist premature aging, can cure kidney deficiency impotence, chills, bodyComplications such as fatigue, sore waist and knees.

2. Fried prawns provide the quantum for the human body.

Deep-fried river prawns are rich in nutrients, so they can provide energy to the body and keep you full of positive energy throughout the day.

3. Fried prawns can alleviate neurasthenia.

Deep-fried prawn skin has a sedative effect and is often used to treat neurological weakness and autonomic dysfunction.

Deep-fried prawns are delicious foods that can provide nutrition to the brain.

Deep-fried prawns contain three important fatty acids, which can help people maintain a high concentration.

4, fried river prawns can eliminate “jet lag”.

Scientists at the University of Osaka in Japan recently discovered that astaxanthin in fried river prawns helps to eliminate the “jet lag” caused by jet lag reactions.

Although fried prawns have these effects, there are fried foods after all.

[Simple method of seaweed sushi at home]_ production method _ home practice

Speaking of Koreans, there will be a series of delicacies such as sauerkraut, sushi, cold noodles, barbecue, etc., and there will be more and more cooperation between China and South Korea. Many Koreans come to China to open stores, and Korean restaurants are everywhere.

Korean snacks are popular, and many girls love Korean sushi. Afternoon tea, some attractions will be prepared.

Now let ‘s talk about the simple method of seaweed sushi at home. Can you learn it?
First, the method of sushi materials: 280 grams of rice, 2 salted duck eggs, 3 grams of salt, the amount of salad dressing, 15 ml of sushi vinegar, the amount of carrots, the amount of cucumbers, the amount of ham, the amount of golden root radish, the amount of pork.

(The amount of sushi in the dish is based on your own preferences) Practice: 1.

Have everything ready.


Cut the ham into thin strips, remove the seeds from the cucumber and cut into thin strips, take the yolks from the salted duck eggs, and cut the carrots into filaments.


Add the sushi vinegar and salt to the rice and stir well. At this point, the rice is not so sticky.


Spread a piece of seaweed on the roller shutter, and then spread a thin layer of rice evenly, flatten it with a spoon, and don’t spread rice at 1cm on the other end (otherwise it will be difficult to close the mouth).


Place cucumber strips, carrot shreds, salted egg yolks (you can slowly rub the long strips by hand), pork floss, golden roots, ham strips, and squeeze the right amount of salad dressing on the rice near the end.


Roll the bamboo curtain forward slowly.


After rolling it all up, squeeze the bamboo curtain roll with your hands together (this way, you can wrap the laver with rice).


Remove the roller blind and cut into 1.

It’s about 5cm wide, and each time the cutter is washed with water, the right side is neat and beautiful.

Tips 1.

Sushi vinegar is not rice vinegar for home use, it is too sour, you can mix rice vinegar and sugar.


Shredded carrots taste better than cut into strips, and salted egg yolks are rolled into strips.


Wash the knife with water every time you cut so that the right side is neat and beautiful.

Second, the preparation of high-quality rice: the best rice for sushi is Koshihikari rice, rice and glutinous rice each half sushi seaweed: sushi seaweed is usually the size of the sushi curtain, dark green and shiny, soft and tight, solid, can not be in the middleIt has a light-transmissive cavity, crispy texture and a certain amount of sushi vinegar: the ratio of sushi vinegar to normal vinegar, sugar, and salt: 5: 2: 1 Japanese-style mustard: take one tablespoon of wasabi powder into a bowl, mix in 2Spoonful of pure water, stir well and stir into small nests in mustard, and refrigerate in the refrigerator for spares: you can put cucumbers, Japanese pickled radishes, crab sticks, tuna, salmon, egg slices, carrots, pickles and other sushi packagesMethod 1, take a piece of seaweed, spread rice 2 evenly on the surface, sprinkle fish roe 3 on the paved rice, cover with a layer of cling film, turn the seaweed upside down, and then lay a layer of seaweed and lettuce leaves, Squeeze the salad dressing 4 in the direction of the arrow shown in the figure, use the bamboo curtain to roll the sushi into strips 5 in the direction of the arrow shown in the figure, find a sharp knife, and quickly cut the sushi with a saw

[Encyclopedia of tofu soup]_ making method _ how to make

Many people especially like tofu soup, because tofu is cut into small cubes when eating tofu soup, so tofu will taste more delicious, and tofu soup can also add some otherThe taste of vegetable soup will be more delicious, but for some new chefs, the soup they make is not particularly attractive. So what is the practice of tofu soup?

Ingredients of yam tofu soup: 100 grams of yam, 200 grams of tofu, 1 gram of garlic, 5 grams of soy sauce, 30 grams of sesame oil, 2 grams of onion, monosodium glutamate, and 3 grams of salt.

The practice of yam tofu soup 1.

Peeled yam, washed, and cut into small dices; tofu is scalded with boiling water, and then cut into small dices; finely chopped green onions; garlic is beaten into roulades.


Place the pan on the stove, add cooking oil, heat to 50% heat, add garlic and sauté, pour yam and stir-fry several times, add an appropriate amount of water, and pour into the tofu after boiling, add seasoning, boil, and sprinkleServe with green onions and drizzle with sesame oil.

The effect of yam tofu soup: spleen and qi, clearing heat and promoting appetite.

Efficacy and role of yam Yam yams, yam, yam, yams, yams, yam, cornflower, hosta, yam, yam, wild sweet potato, wild yam, fan potato, Buddha palm, etc.Dioscorea tuber.

It is cultivated in all parts of the country.

Pork ribs processing: Put the chopped pork ribs in cold water into the pot to cook the bleeding foam, remove and rinse with hot water for later use.

Tofu treatment: While the ribs are in the hot water, cut the tofu into pieces, which will prevent the tofu from being broken during cooking and also remove the tofu smell of tofu.

The method of stewing tofu with pork ribs is one ingredient: 1 kg of pork ribs, tofu cubes, salt, coriander, soy sauce, sesame oil, and pepper.

Preparation: The ribs and tofu are processed as described above. Wash the parsley and cut into sections for later use.

Method: Put the ribs and tofu in the casserole and add an appropriate amount of water. Let it simmer over high heat and boil. Turn to low heat and cook until the ribs are rotten and season with salt. Continue cooking until the tofu is off. Add pepper, parsley and a few dropsThe sesame oil comes out of the pot.

The method of stewing tofu with pork ribs is two ingredients: 300 grams of pork ribs, 100 grams of tofu, Chinese cabbage meal, coriander, salt, monosodium glutamate, peppercorns, green onions, ginger slices, and lard.

Preparation: Prepare pork ribs and tofu as described above. Wash and cut cabbage and parsley for later use.

Method: stir-fry the leek, ginger slices and peppercorns in a wok, stir-fry the ribs and cabbage, add water, and simmer tofu until the meat is simmered, add salt and MSG to seasonCook for a while and turn off the heat.

Note: If you don’t like lard, you can use other cooking oil instead, but it will be more fragrant when you use lard.

Three ingredients of stewed tofu with pork ribs: 500g ribs, tofu cubes, cooked oil, salt, ginger slices, soy sauce, and oyster sauce.

Method: Put the ribs and tofu in the pot together, add the right amount of water and ginger slices, cooked oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, boil over high heat and simmer until the meat is rotten, season with salt and simmer until the tofu tastes.Pot.

The practice of pork ribs and stewed tofu consists of four ingredients: pork ribs, tofu, kelp knot, minced garlic, salt, old soy sauce, and chicken essence.

Method: Heat the oil in the wok and add the minced garlic and sauté. Put the kelp knots and stir-fry into the ribs and tofu. Heat the water and the old soy sauce without the ribs. Also, boil over high heat and simmer until the meat is rotten.Season with chicken essence and cook until the tofu tastes out of the pot.

[A few days after drug flow can be shared]_Same room_After drug flow_Time

In fact, the drug flow is very harmful to the girls’ body. It is best to take a rest diet after the drug flow. During the rest period, try to avoid putting your body in a fatigued state. To reduce your workload, you must also pay attention toDo not allow yourself to get cold water, because female friends are the sequelae of the cold water. The most important thing is not to directly share the room after the drug flow.


Before medical abortion (1) Do a B-ultrasound before medical abortion to exclude ectopic pregnancy and understand the size and location of the embryo sac to help determine whether it is suitable for medical abortion.

(2) The drug flow must be a pregnant woman within 49 days of menopause, under the age of 40.

(3) Good health, no contraindications.

The so-called contraindications include: ever, being suffering from a serious systemic disease, liver, kidney insufficiency, allergies, hypertension, hypertension, anemia, hypertension, glaucoma, pruritus during pregnancy and so on.

(4) Drug flow should be carried out in hospitals with emergency treatment, curettage conditions and blood transfusion conditions. Observe more to prevent accidents.

(5) Drug flow revisit on time in strict accordance with the doctor’s instructions is an important point in the precautions before drug flow.


After medical abortion (1) Hygiene and contraception after medical abortion should be more carefully.

(2) During medical abortion, retrograde infection is prone to occur due to new wounds in the uterus and vaginal bleeding. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to local hygiene. It is advisable to take a shower instead of a bathtub to prevent sewage from entering the vagina and causing infection.

Sex is prohibited for one month.

(3) Take a break after a medical abortion?
2 weeks: Gradually increase the amount of activity.

Do not engage in heavy physical labor and cold water labor within one month after the flow of people, so as to prevent the reduction of resistance and other diseases.

(4) Observe the bleeding situation. If the human flow is implanted in the vagina for more than a week, even if it is accompanied by abnormal symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, fever, cloudy vaginal discharge and odor, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

In addition to nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal reactions during medication, bleeding takes a long time. Most of the bleeding is the main substitute for medical abortion. The effect of treatment with drugs is poor, and the palace should be cleaned if necessary.

Medical abortion must be performed in a medical institution with distance rescue conditions.

There are very strong indications for medical abortion. If people who buy drugs privately do not understand these indications, people who are not suitable for medical abortion to buy medicines themselves for abortion are very dangerous.

[Cola is not sperm killing]_How to kill sperm_How to kill sperm

The influence of cola on a person’s bones is very large, because drinking cola for a long time will affect the absorption of calcium and cause osteoporosis after middle age.

As a carbonated beverage, Coca-Cola added calcium carbonate during the production process, which makes the taste of Cola more exciting and can stimulate people’s future. Therefore, Cola has been favored by too many young people.

But will Coke have a spermicidal effect?

Coca-Cola is a typical carbonated beverage. Carbonated beverage is soda. Its main feature is the addition of carbon dioxide to the beverage.

According to the national soft drink classification standard, a special type of carbonated beverages is the cola type, which refers to carbonated beverages containing caramel color, cola flavor or similar cola fruit and fruit flavors.

It is said that food composition data shows that ordinary Cola is blended with about 89%, sugar 11%, about 11 mg of phosphorus per 100 grams, caffeine of about 10 millimeters, and other ingredients are very small.

American scientists have found that having carbonated beverages can affect human bone health, especially women with osteoporosis during menopause.

Harvard Medical School conducted “spermicide” experiments on three differently formulated cola beverages on the market.

They put frozen sperm in test tubes and poured them into different cola drinks.

After repeated tests, it was expected that Coke did have a spermicidal effect.

For men, Coca-Cola affects fertility.

However, direct contact between cola and sperm may kill the sperm.

Cola is drunk in the stomach, and does not directly contact the sperm. It is broken down by digestion in the stomach and it is impossible to have spermicidal effect.

[The practice of frankincense onion oil cake]_The common practice of frankincense onion oil cake_The practice of frankincense onion oil cake_How to make frankincense onion oil cake

What is it to make healthy food?

I want to at least do it myself.

Let me introduce to you the practice of this dish.


Mix all ingredients (except South Milk) into a smooth dough 2.

1 Sprinkle with spring onion 3 evenly.

2 Roll into a square with a rolling pin. After oiling, apply a thin layer of South milk 4.

1 roll into a cylinder and seal 5.

2 slowly roll up 6.

Cut into about 1 cm 7.

Press flat to turn into facial embryos and proof for 20 minutes 8.

Put in a steamer and steam for 15 minutes until cooked.

Put a small amount of oil in the pan, put the steamed onion oil cake, and fry both sides into golden brown on a low fire. The specific steps of the dish of frankincense and onion oil cake have been introduced, and it depends on your performance.

But before you do it, you still need to prepare all the ingredients. Only the dishes will be the most delicious.

[How to exercise the pubic coccyx muscle]_ tailbone _ exercise method _ how to train _ exercise measures

The pubic coccyx muscle is actually also called PC muscle in clinical practice. The exercise of the pubic coccyx muscle is actually thrown out into the vagina to tighten, and the ultimate goal is to achieve sexual health.

The exercise of the pubic coccyx muscle can be exercised by both women and men, especially for men with premature ejaculation and impotence.

So, how do we exercise the coccyx muscles in our lives?

If you want to know, you can read it with Xiaobian.

The first is an introduction to affordable training methods.

Because the exercise can not be fishing for three days and drying the net for two days, regular exercises of about ten minutes each should be scheduled twice a day.

Find a time that is not susceptible to interference, put the device, start by contracting the PC muscles for 3 seconds and then relax for 3 seconds as a group, repeat 10 times as a group, if you persist for less than 3 seconds, you can shorten.

As women become stronger and more confident, they gradually extend the contraction time to 10 seconds.

Of course, the relaxation time should be extended to the same length accordingly.

After writing a good exercise, practice twitching the PC muscles quickly and briefly.

You must contract and relax the muscles repeatedly and quickly for several minutes. At first you may have difficulty distinguishing between contraction and relaxation, but gradually it becomes easier to distinguish.

It is advisable to contract 300 times a day to ensure the training effect.

For beginners, the amount of exercise may be too large, so it is necessary to step by step to avoid muscle soreness.

In fact, 300 times is not much for the treatment. If accompanied by music practice, it can avoid boring feeling, and increasing the amount of exercise will help exercise to be more effective.

The method of not using appliances is more advantageous, because you can do it at any time and any place, such as meeting, working, attending class, playing cards, typing, and watching TV at night.

It is said that many American women also saw stitches to hurry up while waiting for the bus.

Research shows that people who can fully enjoy the sex life always perform some regular alternating excitatory PC muscle exercises during the day.

In fact, the exercise method of the pubic coccygeus muscle is very simple, but how the final exercise effect depends on whether you can adhere to it, and not in accordance with the methods mentioned above.

I believe that after you continue to exercise, you will be able to improve your vaginal contraction and reduce the quality of your sexual life.

[Why eat bananas will cause toothache]_Toothache_Cause

Toothache is a particularly disturbing symptom.

Although toothache is not a disease, it can be very painful.

In severe cases, it can affect people’s sleep and their daily diet.

Toothache may be caused by too many internal parasites, or it may be caused by broken teeth.

Toothache is a symptom of a convulsions in the teeth.

Next, I will introduce to you why eating bananas causes toothache!


Toothache can eat bananas, eating bananas is good for intestinal heat and purging fire.

In addition, there is a prescription for toothache, you may wish to try: 10 tablets of peppercorns, one or two of white wine, dip the pepper in wine, ten minutes later with wine mouth, it will take effect in a few minutes, once a day 10Minutes, 3-4 days.

If caries are present, sub-bananas can stimulate pain caused by pulpitis.

Toothache small method toothache (neuropathy, allergies, complications, toothache complications): 10 peppercorns, one or two white wine, soak the peppercorns in the wine, ten minutes later, the wine will take effect in a few minutes, one day2 times for 10 minutes each time, healed in 3-4 days.

Periodontitis, gingivitis: Stir with an egg white and an equal amount of white wine, take it in the mouth, spit it out after 5 minutes, twice a day (one egg a day), and reduce inflammation and pain for 2-3 days.

Tooth bleeding (often caused by bleeding or brushing): 10 capsules of peppercorns, three or two vinegars, soaked in mouth for 2 days, once every 3 minutes, twice a day, especially for 5 days.

Banana Edible Value Bananas are beneficial fruits rich in starch.

Sweet and cold, can clear the heat and moisturize the banana to promote gastrointestinal motility, but those with spleen deficiency and diarrhea are not suitable.

According to the principle of “hot people cold”, it is most suitable for hot people to accept.

Those who have hemorrhoids and bleeding, and those who have uneasy fetal movements due to hotness, can eat banana meat raw.

The folk prescription is more useful for banana stewed rock sugar to heal a long cough; use banana to cook wine as a diet therapy.

Modern medicine suggests that bananas can be used to treat high blood pressure because it is rich in potassium, can balance the adverse effects of sodium, and promote cell and tissue growth.

Banana can be used to treat constipation because it promotes gastrointestinal motility.

Eating a banana for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can provide the body with rich potassium, which reduces the chance of brain blood clots by about 21%.

German researchers say using bananas can cure depression and emotional upset because it promotes the production of endorphin chemicals in the brain.

It can relieve tension and tension, improve work efficiency and reduce fatigue.

】 _How to do_How to do

[What is the recipe for going to the fire?

】 _How to do_How to do

In the summer, people often have symptoms of getting angry. The symptoms of getting angry are very many, sometimes they feel dry mouth, severe throat pain, and even symptoms such as dizziness and headache. In short,The danger of getting angry is very big. There are many ways to solve the problem of getting angry. First of all, we must pay attention to the adjustment of life, and also pay attention to the adjustment of diet. Let ‘s learn a few very good ways to get rid of fire.

Da Huo recipe recipes: Qingre Liwei Decoction Ingredients 3 Yaozhu, Jinhua Ham Slices 75g, Chinese Cabbage 300g, Red Dates 4 Capsules, Ginger 2 Slices, 1 Teaspoon of Salt, 10 Glasses of WaterCut into pieces; wash red dates; wash Yaozhu and soak in water.

2. Add boiling water to the pot and add all the ingredients. Cook over high heat for 10 minutes, then turn over low heat for 2 hours. Season with salt and serve.

Ingredients for clearing heat and refreshing soup: 300 grams of bean sprouts, 1 loofah, 450 grams of ribs, 2 jujubes, 4 slices of ginger, 1 teaspoon of salt, 10 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of grape seed oil, Add 2 slices of ginger and then stir-fry the washed bean sprouts.

2. Loofah is peeled, washed with water, and cut into pieces for later use.

3. Wash the pork ribs, add boiling water with ginger flakes and purify the blood.

4. Add boiling water to the pot and add all the ingredients. Cook over high heat for 10 minutes, then turn over low heat for 2 hours. Add salt to taste and serve.

Qingre Guiling paste material: Guiling powder 10g, white sesame, dried blueberry, dried cranberry, raisin, cooked peanut, brown sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus method1.

Prepare the raw materials in advance (the vegetable house likes to mix with dried fruit, and everyone can mix and match according to their own taste) 2.

Turn the turtle powder into a paste with warm boiling water, be sure to stir it uniformly, and there should be no particulate matter, otherwise it will affect the final product (stirring more) 3.

Pour 200 ml of water into the pot and boil 4.

Quickly pour the well-mixed turtle powder paste into boiling water (the action must be fast, and the turtle powder paste starts to thicken when heated), and heat for 1-2 minutes to turn off the heat 5.

Pour the cooked tortoise cream into a container and let it cool down. When you pour it, move faster (the tortoise cream will start to form when it is pre-cooled), and smooth the surface and let it cool down6.

Because Guiling paste has a bitter taste, Cai Cai Wu intends to soak it with brown sugar water. Put brown sugar in a bowl and pour an appropriate amount of water, and then steam it in a steamer (add water according to personal sweetness, like thickJust put less water to make brown sugar syrup; if you like a little bit more, put more water and cast brown sugar water) 7.

Cut the cooled Guiling paste into pieces 8 with a knife.

Finally, spread all the ingredients on Guiling paste, drizzle with brown sugar water and sweet-scented osmanthus nectar.

[The role of brown sugar and ginger to boil water]_Benefits_Efficacy

If a person drinks ginger water alone, because the irritation of ginger is relatively high, the irritation of ginger water is also relatively large, which is very uncomfortable for some people.

Therefore, when making syrup, you can appropriately add some brown sugar, which can alleviate the irritating taste of ginger water, and also allow the efficacy of brown sugar to be fully incorporated into ginger water.

So what is the effect of long-term drinking of brown sugar ginger water made with brown sugar and ginger water?

The role of ginger brown sugar water The role of brown sugar Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and warming the stomach, and is especially suitable for maternal, children and anemia people.

Brown sugar is a warm supplement food, and the glucose contained in it helps to quickly replenish physical strength and relieve fatigue.

For symptoms of lack of gas, loss of appetite, malnutrition and other symptoms, you can drink brown sugar and ginger water in your daily diet to adjust.

Efficacy of Ginger Ginger is not a seasoning commonly used in the family, but also one of the commonly used Chinese medicine.

Ginger is mild and mild, has the effect of removing wind and cold, and stomach and vomiting, and is suitable for colds and vomiting caused by spleen and stomach discomfort.

Therefore, combined with brown sugar, it is most suitable for implanting a cold.

If you can’t find ginger for a while, you can also use dried ginger instead.

Efficacy and effect of drinking brown sugar ginger water for colds Ginger brown sugar water is also very helpful for treating colds.

If you have cold, cold, or fever symptoms, you can slice ginger or shred the water and add it to brown sugar. While hot, you can cure mild colds.

After suffering from cold and sudden rain, if you can drink a bowl of ginger brown sugar water in time, your body will sweat slightly, which will help prevent colds.

However, it should also be noted that ginger brown sugar water is not a panacea for colds. If it is a wind-heat cold, it is not suitable to drink ginger brown sugar water.

These people want to eat less brown sugar. Although brown sugar is rich in nutrition, pay attention to the right amount, especially those who exercise. The excess sugar is easily converted into adults, leading to obesity.

Yin deficiency and internal heat, indigestion and diabetes patients are not suitable for brown sugar.

In addition, it is not advisable to use brown sugar water to take medicine.