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[How much does the baby eat rice noodles for the first time?]_ Children_How to eat

[How much does the baby eat rice noodles for the first time?

】 _Children_ How to eat

Leading to a baby is a very troublesome thing, but it must be done for parents, because the baby must take all kinds of care to ensure the healthy growth of the baby, and the baby’s food needs to be added in addition to milk accidents.Other complementary foods, especially for babies over half a year old, for example, eating rice noodles is a better choice. Let’s take a look at how much baby eats rice noodles for the first time?

And add complementary food to your baby, otherwise it may affect your baby’s growth and development.

For babies, rice noodles are the first choice of complementary foods, which is no stranger to Baoma.

Because it is the first time to give the baby rice noodles, we do not know the baby’s acceptance, and it is obvious whether the baby will have adverse reactions after eating.

Therefore, you must be careful when feeding rice flour for the first time. It is enough to feed two spoons of dry flour with a small spoon in a rice flour tank. As for the ratio of rice flour and water, it is recommended to strictly follow the product ratio or consult the manufacturer directly, but just started to give the babyIt is best to substitute some when feeding.

The first few times you can feed rice noodles can be when the baby is awake in the morning, and then feed breast milk or formula powder until the baby is half full, then add a small amount of rice noodles, and then pay attention to whether the baby adapts during the day to see if it is uncomfortable to judge the baby.Tolerance to rice noodles, and then gradually increase the feeding amount.

Here, I would like to remind all treasure mothers that until the baby eats rice noodles for the first time, he shows a particularly strong interest, but we must remember that before the baby is one and a half years old, “milk” is the absolute staple food.

Babies under one year of age should add supplementary foods based on the remaining breast milk or at least 800 ml of formula milk. They should also receive at least 600 ml of milk before one and a half years old, and then add food supplements such as rice noodles.

Some Baomao will definitely care about what rice noodles are good for your baby. In fact, there are many good rice noodles on the market. You can choose according to the actual needs of your baby and the selling point of rice noodles.